Toronto: Lilliput’s jewel-box hat shop

Tight on budget? A hat makes the perfect shopping splurge for the summer–it’s a fashion statement that can double as a bit of extra sun protection. A favourite stop for unique toppers is Karyn Gingras’ Little Italy institution, Lilliput Hats (462 College St., 416-536-5933, Their stock ranges from simple straw fedoras to lavish My Fair Lady–inspired silhouettes embellished with bows, ribbons, feathers and flowers. Everything is made by hand at the atelier inside the shop, which means you can witness the exciting hat-building action while browsing the racks. Shelves of wooden hat blocks and stacked vintage boxes scattered around the shop reiterate that cozy appeal of traditional, quality millinery. It’s a shame we rarely employ hats in our wardrobes beyond hiding a bad hair day!

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