Toronto: Grease is the word

With a stir of rebels and rivals, a pinch of angst, romance and graduation anxiety, cinematic high-school drama never fails deliver. My coming-of-age retrospective is consumed with the fashion in juicy teen classics like Dazed and Confused, The Breakfast Club, Clueless and the cream of the crop, Grease.

Against a ’50s backdrop, Grease is the surreal universe of high school condensed into a campy extravaganza of kitsch wardrobes, tongue-in-cheek dialogue and major dance-offs to doo-be-do tunes.  High School Musical, step aside! Making a stylish appearance on the holiday sales rack, Grease’s “Rockin’ Rydell” special edition DVD (from $20, comes snugly dressed in a mini T-Birds leather jacket or a letterman’s sweater. Adorable beyond words! Sadly, the Pink Ladies jacket cover was only available at Target, but the resourceful web surfer should have no problem digging one up.

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