Toronto Fashion Week Spotlight: House of Suri

Toronto Fashion Week Spotlight: House of Suri

Toronto Fashion Week is a three-day festival, happening September 5th through 7th, in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood

In celebration of this week’s fashion shows, we asked the designers behind some of Canada’s hottest labels 5 of our most burning questions. Read on for a glimpse into their world.

Line: House of Suri
Creative Director: Leila Zadeh
Founded: 2016

Describe your line:
“Contemporary womenswear. House of Suri is about self-expression and emphasizing individuality. Masculinity and femininity often intersect in our styles, and the minimalism allows you to really use each piece and create a look authentic to your own character.”

What keeps you in fashion?
“Fashion is an incredible tool for self-expression. I like to work with that idea. That’s why fast paced trends aren’t very important to me. Fashion is art; it’s ever changing and it’s creative. No two days are the same at work, which is very important.”

Why are you based in Toronto?
“Toronto is the perfect city to be based out of. It’s up-and-coming, its fresh and it has incredible potential. Our manufacturing is done in Toronto, which is important for us, we want to be as local as we can. Also, the support that new designers get from the city and the industry people is really incredible and encouraging.”

What are you looking most forward to about being at TFW?
“It’s an honour to be showing our first collection at TFW, we are really excited to see people’s reactions to the clothes.”

Have you figured out your music for the show yet?
“Yes – but you’ll have to wait for the show to see what it is. All I can say is, it’ll be weird.”

(House of Suri shows at TFW in Yorkville Village September 7, 2017 at 3:00 p.m.)

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