Toronto Fashion Week Spotlight Hayley Elsaesser
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Toronto Fashion Week Spotlight: Hayley Elsaesser

Toronto Fashion Week is a three-day festival, happening September 5th through 7th, in Toronto's Yorkville neighbourhood

In celebration of this week’s fashion shows, we asked the designers behind some of Canada’s hottest labels 5 of our most burning questions. Read on for a glimpse into their world.

Brand: Hayley Elsaesser
Creative Director: Hayley Elsaesser
Founded: Australia, Brisbane 2013

How would you define your line?
“It is fun, colorful and inclusive. It is for the individual who doesn’t take themselves too seriously, but is unique and strong-willed. I take elements from streetwear, runway and sportswear and create versatile, wearable pieces. My prints are the focal point, but I strive to add layers of intrigue by drawing influence from pop culture and nostalgia and by utilizing unique shapes and colour combinations. Every piece tells a story!”

What has been one of your greatest successes so far?
“I have been fortunate to have many celebrities wear my clothing, which is obviously exciting, but honestly I think the best part of my job is hearing real people speak to me about how much the clothing means to them. It may sound corny, but people have a very visceral response to my designs and often talk about how confident they feel in my clothing, which is a nice feeling. Being able to design pieces that literally anyone can feel comfortable and empowered in is my goal, so when people relate to that, or feel like they are part of the story, I feel truly successful.”

What keeps you in fashion?
“I love it. I genuinely get the biggest kick out of seeing people wearing my clothes, especially those who might not be naturally predisposed to wearing colourful or crazy things. I can’t really see myself doing anything else, really.”

If you could dress anyone, who would it be and why?
“Rihanna. Because, Rihanna! But seriously, she is amazing. She is so confident and strong, and takes risks but knows how to be timeless and represent herself authentically.”

What are you looking most forward to about being at TFW?
“I think the new location on the actual street in Yorkville will be very cool. Taking the runway to the street is kind of how I design, so I am excited about the literal embodiment of taking fashion to the streets of Toronto.”

( Hayley Elsaesser show is at TFW in Yorkville on September 7th @ 4:00pm)