Photography Courtesy of RE/SET

Meet the Makers: Mikhael Kale

Get to know the designers behind this season's Toronto Fashion Week in collaboration with RESET


Designer Name(s):  Mikhael Kale

Hometown:  Toronto

Zodiac sign:  Aquarius

Year you created your label:  2008

What made you first want to be a designer?

The sewing and development of something from nothing.

When you decided to become designer, what is one thing you had no idea you’d have to do?

Work. Very hard.

If you could have anyone in the world wear your collection, who would it be?

Anyone in the world.

What is one place or location that inspires you?


What would you consider the highlight of your career so far?  

I’ve been so fortunate to have worked so many incredible women, stylists, photographers, and artists.  There is no one highlight.

What are you most looking forward to about Toronto Fashion Week in collaboration with RE\SETTM?  

I’m really excited to be collaborating with The Collections.  Brian, Dwayne and Mel have committed so much of their time and effort in nurturing young Canadian designers.  I know how hard these three have worked to provide a platform for raw talent and we are lucky to have them.


Mikhael Kale is showing at 4:00pm on September 4th, 2018 at the Royal Ontario Museum.