Toronto: Chocolate stop

Odd Gems by Connie Ng

Attention chocoholics: MoRoCo Chocolat (99 Yorkville Ave., 416-961-2202,, possibly the most fashionable chocolate salon in Toronto, opened this fall. The location is quite hidden, but even if you miss their giant Victorian logo that reads “Let Them Eat Cacao,” your nose will lead the way like a GPS.

Greeting customers with the oozing aroma of cacao is a flowing chocolate fountain at the entrance. In the shop portion of MoRoCo, you will find glass counters encasing rows of neon colored macaroons and staircases of chocolates.  Picking out the perfect treat from the decadent selection feels like the chocolate equivalent to shopping at Tiffany’s. It’s also highly advised that you indulge in their hot chocolate—quite literally liquid chocolate served in a cup!

To juxtapose the brightly-lit, pastel decor of the shop, the dining area is a modernized Alice in Wonderland with a whimsical, gothic ambience. Accompanying your chocolate feast is a luscious backdrop of velvet, checkered tile floors, Victorian moldings and a cozy fireplace. For a decadent lunch, try the truffled mac and cheese or the strawberry grilled cheese and finish with the chocolate mousse “burger” with raspberry ketchup for dessert. With dome shaped take-out boxes resembling neon Marc Jacobs purses, you are guaranteed to leave stylishly with the sweetest hangover.

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