Tommy X Zendaya: Tommy Hilfiger Just Announced Another Pop Culture Collaboration

Nostalgia fills our hearts when the iconic blue, red and white logo pops up on vintage denim labels during trips through our parents’ closets or in the depths of thrift store bins. We’ve been socialized to identify iconic symbols such as Levis or Calvin Klein logos, and the Tommy Hilfiger icon is a sure player in America’s heritage brand canon. 

Tommy Hilfiger has a history of fusing the world of fashion with pop culture, having collaborated with iconic gatekeepers from the world of music, art, fashion and entertainment since the ‘90s. This time, the American designer is back, and has announced a capsule collection with actress Zendaya, who recently starred in the blockbusters Spider-Man: Homecoming and The Greatest Showman.

“I love to collaborate with people who are passionate about making their dreams a reality and who inspire the next generation to do the same,” said Tommy Hilfiger. “Zendaya has become a global icon, using fashion to make bold statements while always staying true to herself. Our capsule collection will fuse her eclectic style with the Americana spirit of our brand.” 

As the new global women’s ambassador for the brand starting in Spring 2019, Zendaya will co-design a Tommy x Zendaya capsule collection. Having a repertoire of working with celebrities such as David Bowie and Beyoncé in his advertising campaigns, and most recently with Californian it girl and supermodel Gigi Hadid, Tommy Hilfiger has a fair dose of experience when it comes to celebrity collaborations. 

“Fashion is more than just wearing cool clothes,” said Zendaya. “It’s a way to celebrate self-expression and individuality, which is extremely empowering. This is why I am proud to partner with Tommy Hilfiger.” 


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