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This 80s Accessory Is Now Called a ‘Hair Cloud’

It will always be 'scrunchie' to me.

I admit it, I rolled my eyes at the designer tube sock phenomenon (yet priced these babies out recently) that Vetements set off, but for some reason when Balenciaga embraced the much-maligned scrunchie for Resort 2018, I gasped. As a closeted scrunchie lover for so long now, this seemed the kind of ugly-trend I could finally get behind. And well, with Jen Atkin selling them, can world domination be far off?

Long before sporty-top knots became a thing of fresh-faced ‘I just left the gym’ beauty, I used my scrunchie to hold up my crazy, out of control hair. As any scrunchie fan knows, fabric around the elastic will not crimp your hair (even while wet!) the way a drugstore hair elastic might, so if you wear your hair up while seated at the office, you can always unroll that bun for after work mischief.

I hate having super long hair, but the reality is I’m terrible at booking appointments (dentist, manicures, hair) of all sorts, so there are times when my hair grows scarily long and I have no choice but to put it up. I have tried to master the top knot but no number of YouYube videos can make this happen. After being called out by a former boss for wearing a pencil to secure my hair bun in place, I’ve always had a scrunchie at the ready. I’m less likely to lose them, and in a pinch I’d wear it around my wrist as a bracelet (as Balenciaga also suggests you do). I think we all have one scrunchie that got away and mine was a legendary gold pleather American Apparel jobbie.  I still think about it sometimes. Is that so bad? Perhaps.

In Denmark, designer Line Sander Johansen of Comfort Objects has single handedly embarked on a scrunchie rebrand, preferring to call them “Hair Clouds.” Johansen repurposes vintage Hermes scarves into scrunchies with such beautiful effect that I personally accept this rebrand whole heartedly. In fact, I find myself scrolling through her fast-selling Hair Clouds as if they were pieces of art. Scrunchies might be a trend to some, but to me they are a way of life. I know some people say you can’t wear a trend twice but with Johansen’s help I might be able to do this, and do so with pride.

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