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The Queen Sat Next to Anna Wintour at Fashion Week + Other Fashion News

The Queen Sits Next to Anna Wintour at London Fashion Week

Move over Meghan Markle! Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II attended her first ever fashion show this week in London, nabbing a prime spot in the front row right next to Anna Wintour. Photos depict the twosome whispering, laughing and no doubt passing judgement on the designs. Later in the day, the Queen presented designer Richard Quinn with the inaugural Queen Elizabeth II Award for British Design. The Queen was dressed in a classic powder blue skirt suit for her fashion debut, and was even given her own special cushioned ghost chair to sit in, rather than the uncomfortable benches that tend to be the number one cause of butt-numbing at fashion week. (CNN)


Gucci Showed Severed Heads on the F/W 2018 Runway

Gucci continued on their path as the most buzzworthy label in fashion with their F/W 2018 show at Milan Fashion Week, which featured crystal headpieces, New York Yankees hats, and…models carrying replicas of their own heads. Alessandro Michele reportedly found inspiration in Donna Harraway’s Cyborg Manifesto and decided to splice together various elements to create an entirely post-identity, post-human creation. That said, the collection also featured some questionable use of religious references including turbans and headscarves. FASHION’s associate editor Pahull Bains says, “The turban is a symbol of identity, community and brotherhood for people of the Sikh faith, so to see it used flippantly as a fashion accessory reads as tone-deaf and tasteless… If we take Alessandro Michele at his word, that he wanted to create post-identity specimens by splicing and borrowing and mixing from a range of cultures, why were there barely any models of colour in his lineup?”


Charlotte Olympia Files for Bankruptcy

Will this be the end of whimsical clutches that look like first-edition paperbacks and high heels shaped like ice cream cones? Charlotte Olympia’s mother company, Pinktoe Tarantula Ltd, has filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware, and the brand will be shuttering all their US stores. Chief Restructuring Officer William Kaye blamed the “the widespread disruption in the retail industry” for the move. It appears all of the North American stock will be liquidated, so now is the time to pick up a pair of kitten-face flats at a deep discount. (Footwear News)


Stella McCartney Severing Ties with Kering

Luxury conglomerate Kering, which also owns Gucci, Saint Laurent, and Balenciaga, is selling their 50% share in Stella McCartney after 17 years of partnership, the Business of Fashion reports. The exact reason for the split has not been announced, but the two parties have released a murky joint statement that confirms or denies nothing. “Kering and Ms Stella McCartney have been operating and growing the Stella McCartney brand since 2001 as a 50/50 joint venture. As already stated, as it is customary between stakeholders, there are regular discussions about the future of the partnership. Any significant change to the current relationship would be made public at the appropriate time,” the statement reads. While it hasn’t been announced officially yet, it appears like the break-up is already well underway. (Business of Fashion)


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