The Juan MacLean: The Future Will Come

Photography by Sebastian Mylnarski
Photography by Sebastian Mylnarski

Happy belated Easter: LCD Soundsystem, the “New York, I Love You But You’re Bringing Me Down,” piano-tronic crew pronounced dead last year, is risen. No, James Murphy isn’t back on the synthesizer; instead, he’s producing his own reincarnation in the form of The Juan MacLean (
The eponymous electro-lites—MacLean is the 40-year-old frontman, joined by friends like the robot-voiced Nancy Whang—have a sleek sophomore album, The Future Will Come (DFA Records) out today. And by tonight, there won’t be a DJ-with-a-blog in North America who isn’t remixing it. (It better get mashed up against Erasure. With huge, spacey loops and so-emotional lyrics, The Future overwhelmingly calls to the golden past of Brit-pop and Brooklyn disco.)

Get into the groove with “Happy House,” a deep disco hit shimmering with uneven keystrokes of piano and Rhodes organ; it was to 2008 best-tunes lists what LCD’s “All My Friends” was to 2007.

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