The daily steal: Yoga pants, $15

New Year’s resolutions are made to be broken.  I fell off the “I-will-not-be-a-slave-to-my-BlackBerry” wagon on January 2 when I happily spent the day organizing my 2010 schedule.  But somewhere between the work deadlines and social engagements, I seem to have forgotten to schedule in time to breath and reboot.  So, I took action.  Down with stress and up with downward dog.  Now, I am happily contorting myself into a pretzel (a rather misshapen one) at a weekly yoga class–all in the name of sanity.  But the best part is the guilt-free new wardrobe, like these chic ’n’ sleek Old Navy G.O.G.A (Go Out Get Active) pants.  On sale for $15 until January 21, they make posing (in and out of class) a very stylish affair.

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