17 Chic Thanksgiving Outfits That’ll Let You Go Back For Seconds (and Thirds…and Fourths…)


With Thanksgiving fast approaching, chances are your weekend social schedule now resembles a typical Monday with back-to-back “meetings” dotting your days. Just swap the boardroom for the dining room, and your boss with Aunt Marge; you get the picture. But first, turn your attention to your wardrobe for a little fine—and festive—tuning. Given the extensive table time you’ll be clocking this weekend, sartorial choices that take second helpings into consideration are key. But leave those sweats for actually breaking a sweat at the gym (which is where you’ll be next week working off that comfort food).

Until then, eat and be chic. From floaty ’70s-inspired silhouettes to strategic details like peplums, to rich printed pieces perfect for disguising red wine mishaps, we’ve rounded up 17 feast-friendly looks made for sitting at the table in style this Thanksgiving. There’s even a few eye-catching accessories, like vintage-inspired button earrings and a delicate open collar necklace, that are sure to spark a conversation or two, sparing you from any awkward silences while the turkey is being carved. We’ve also found the Holy Grail of holiday pants—they’re chic and they feature an elasticized waist (cue the Hallelujah chorus). As Karl Lagerfeld once said, “sweatpants are a sign of defeat.” These pants will keep you looking cool for your victory lap around the dessert table. Now, how about that slice of pumpkin pie?

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