TFW Diary: Adrian Wu attempts to shake last season’s negative reviews. Did he (over)do it?

Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani
Photography by Jenna Marie Wakani

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After falling short of expectations with his debut collection at Toronto Fashion Week last season, Adrian Wu took to the stage once again to prove his critics wrong. Or maybe to fight for his right.

A balloon-strewn ceiling, grass-green runway, and V for Vendetta masks were the chosen stylings for the collection, which featured 13 looks—all dresses covered in white polka dots and made of the same flannel fabric, ruched to comparatively less-extreme proportions as last season. The liner notes referenced a want to modernize 18th century French womenswear, but we’re not sure the styling choices made sense. What we do know, however, is that they served a cleaner pallette to showcase his wears. While he may want to be recognized as more of a clothing designer and less of a spectacle, we’re not quite sure he did it this time. Honourable try, though.