Tavi charms Elijah Wood and everyone else in her Rodarte x Target video

Putting aside for a moment our reservations about the current teen blogger hysteria (Tavi at CDG! Sea of Shoes at the Crillon Ball!) we find this video that the aforementioned Tavi created for Rodarte’s Target collab to be pretty endearing. The Style Rookie blogger/Rodarte BFF captured the campaign shoot in North Dakota (where her mom sang Norwegian lullabies) and the widely-leaked preview at New York’s Gagosian Gallery, where Tavi charmed Elijah Wood and offered up commentary on her favourite pieces from the collection–among them a mustard-coloured lace sweater which she “might wear every day, which is kind of gross.” Spoken like a true 13-year-old. [Style.com]

Video after the jump.

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