Tailor extraordinaire Philip Sparks opens his first freestanding store on Toronto’s über-hip Ossington Avenue strip

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For those of you (and we hope it was all of you) who were wondering why Fashion Week favourite Philip Sparks wasn’t anywhere to be found on the official or unofficial schedules, rest assured, it wasn’t because he closed up shop. In fact, it’s quite the opposite. Freshly launched for spring, the tailor extraordinaire has opened his first freestanding store just off of the über-hip Ossington Avenue strip in Toronto. With its large and brightly lit arrow outside, its antique typewriters and its raw wood displays framing the designer’s wears, the shop is as sweet as one might assume. And it’s chockfull of his delightful spring collections for men and women to boot. Haven’t got any plans this weekend? Well, now you do!

Philip Sparks Shop is located at 162 Ossington Avenue, side entrance off Foxley Street in Toronto. For store schedule, visit philipsparks.com.