5 Swimsuit Brands That Are Awesome at Promoting Body Positivity


We’ve seen the body positivity movement explode on social media. We love seeing people of all shapes and sizes and it simply doesn’t matter where we fall on the spectrum – we’re all beautiful.

Thankfully, companies have gotten the message, too, and have started to put an emphasis on promoting body positivity. Swimwear retailers, in particular, have started to ease the anxiety a lot of body-conscious consumers have at the beach. While models with insane bodies have definitely not disappeared (what’s up, Instagram), brands have started to embrace those with curves. Ads have like, some chill, and more companies are trying to do away with Photoshop and instead show off natural, un-retouched bodies.

Click through to see the top swimsuit companies are killing the body positivity game.

Nettle’s Tale
Who: A Vancouver-based company that is changing up the marketing of swimwear. All their images, whether in their lookbook or on social media, feature diverse models with normal bodies. Nettle’s Tail prides themselves on not using Photoshop in any of their models.
What they carry: One-piece suits and mix-and-match sets including a convertible bikini top.
Price range: $49 – $227

body positive swimwear 02

Swimsuits for All
Who: An e-commerce biz that specializes in high-quality, form-flattering swimsuits in sizes 8-24. Their mission is to make shopping for swimsuits as pleasurable as wearing one should be.
What they carry: A range of swimsuits, cover-ups and swimdresses if you want more coverage.
Price range: $20 – $103

Who: An online retailer that offers both vintage-inspired and contemporary swimsuits in an assortment of sizes. They have made headlines for their swimwear campaigns that feature their employees and customers in all shapes and sizes.
What they carry: One and two-pieces in a large range of styles, colours and patterns.
Price range: $17 – $188

body positive swimwear 04

Who: A subsidiary of the teen mall favourite American Eagle Outfitters, Aerie stands out from its parent brand by adopting a body-positive approach to its advertising with the #AerieREAL campaign, which is against airbrushing.
What they carry: An assortment of mix-and-match bikinis and tankinis, as well as one pieces in both solid colours and trendy prints.
Price range: $26 – $51

body positive swimwear 05

Monif C
Who: A plus-size retailer that strives to make sexy pieces to show off curvy bodies. They’re unapologetic in showing off their models’ curves in campaigns and product images.
What they carry: A selection of two-piece and one-piece suits with interesting designs, like cut-outs and fringe.
Price range: $48 – $118