Sun Protective Clothing
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UPF Sun Protective Clothing to Keep You Stylish and Safe All Summer

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Sun safety is no joke and while we lather up with SPF on the reg, are we really doing enough? Hats and light layers are staples in the summer but consider elevating your style and safety with UPF sun protective clothing. UPF – which stands for ultraviolet protective factor – is the standard measurement of sun protection in fabrics: for example, a piece with UPF 50 eliminates 98% of UV on the areas protected by the clothing. Sun protective fabrics are popular in rash guards and swimwear but collections have expanded to serve every function. From the perfect cardigan to protect your shoulders to a breezy shirt dress, UPF clothing options are endless. Find a look that compliments your style, whether you’re going on a hike or headed to the grocery store. Keep feeling fresh without the fear of sun damage and let lotion be a necessary accessory to a sun safe look.

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