Summer face masks: Tanya Taylor face mask
Photography courtesy of Tanya Taylor

18 Face Masks to Wear This Spring and Summer

Floral face masks? For spring? You bet.

It may be 2021 but with the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, it’s crucial to continue wearing face coverings when we leave the house. Now that the weather is finally warming up and we enter our second spring in the COVID era, black and grey masks are feeling increasingly monotonous. Luckily, fashion designers have drawn inspiration from brighter, sunnier days to bring us summer face masks that are nearly impossible to feel grumpy in. Tanya Taylor’s offerings have transformative powers, with prints and colours that scream Palm Springs and just dare you to have a bad day while wearing them. Fellow Canadian label ai Toronto Seoul, on the other hand, took a more practical point of view, using a quick-absorbing and fast-drying Aersosilver antibacterial yarn — which is ideal for those sporty spices breaking a sweat outside while masked up.

With the pandemic continuing to keep us on our toes, we’ve rounded up 18 summer-ready face masks that will bring some much-needed excitement to grocery store and pharmacy runs in the warmer months ahead.

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