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Stylish Canadian Weddings: Of Course, Food is the Star at Liverpool House Chef’s Wedding

Food is known for bringing people together and in this case, a pot-luck Thanksgiving was the meal that kickstarted the love story between Ashley Joseph and Ari Schor. “He brought cauliflower gratin and some old French wine and I was immediately smitten,” she says.

Ari was born in Buenos Aires, and moved to Winnipeg with his family at the age of 12. But it was a cooking job at Joe Beef–one of Canada’s most famous restaurants–that brought him to Ashley’s home city of Montreal. Ashley, a freelance writer and editor–often right here at FASHION–was immediately drawn to Ari and the two quickly bonded over their mutual love for amazing food and good conversation. When they began dating, they immediately noticed a deep shared connection, an inexplicable feeling that despite the newness of their relationship, they felt like they’d known each other all their lives. “It was beyond pure infatuation,” Ashley says. “Being with him felt like something eternal, as horribly cliché and nauseating as that sounds.”

A perfect lazy Sunday was the backdrop of Ari’s proposal. “He’d picked up all my favourite things–bagels, lox, pastries–and surprised me with champagne and caviar,” Ashley says, remembering how completely naive she’d been to his plans. She recounts that he waited until after they’d finished eating to pop the question. She’d been washing dishes in the sink still wearing her pyjamas, and their favourite radio program “Wait Wait… Don’t Tell Me!” was drifting around the room. Approaching her from behind, Ari kissed her and she turned to find him holding an open jewellery box. “It was perfect,” she says.

Four years after their Thanksgiving meeting, Ashley and Ari got married at Entrepôts Dominion in Montreal’s Saint-Henri neighbourhood. They danced to “Long Time Running” by The Tragically Hip, traded a classic wedding cake for a gigantic croquembouche and both ugly-cried during their friend’s speeches. There was no cauliflower gratin this time, but Joe Beef’s new catering operation and lunch spot, McKiernan’s, provided the family-style meal with everything from oysters, to fresh pasta with preserved tomato sauce, to a brisket steak au jus.

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