The Style Tips From Breakfast at Tiffany’s You’ve Ignored, But Shouldn’t

The 4 Pieces You Need To Dress Like Holly Golightly

Posters of Holly Golightly hang on our walls. Memes of her and Fred are peppered throughout our Insta-feeds, and some of us have even an orange cat named “Cat.” So, why do we share this great admiration for “that daring, darling Holly Golightly,” (as my particular movie poster puts it)? She’s basically all of us. She’s as stylish as she is gullible, as charming as she is lost, and the owner of probably the most classic and totally effortless wardrobe , ever.

Holly has already inspired us to add a traditional trench, plenty of LBDs, and a dramatic pair of cat-eye sunnies to our style repertoire, but in the process, we overlooked the other chic pieces she dons that deserve just as much attention.

In honour of Breakfast At Tiffany‘s 55th anniversary, we’re taking a look at four more timeless pieces that Audrey Hepburn wore as Holly Golightly. From an easy sleepwear option to a sweater in a fresh silhouette, flip through the slideshow for the soon-to-be MVPs of your quintessential wardrobe.

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