Street Style, Red Bull Music Academy: 15 Shots From Outside the Festival in Montreal

For the past month, Montreal has been the hosting the 2016 Red Bull Music Academy. While the main event was mainly at the shows (hello, Bjork!), we decided to tip the spotlight to the festival goers instead. And judging from these beautiful shots, we are so glad we did.

It’s hard to pinpoint any kind of trend coming out of the crowd that the Red Bull Academy Music draws every year—because there are so many of them in one place. This year is no exception, as the month-long bash for music’s sake is held in one of the most stylish capitals in Canada: Montreal. It is at this fête created to celebrate all musical genres that rappers mingle with classical composers, throat singers have drinks with EDM producers and DJs and pop icons party and collaborate together in lecture halls, RBMA ready-made studios and select clubs and concert halls.

With the last day of the festival right around the corner (read: tomorrow), we look back at some of the most fashionable fans, hip music makers and chic groundbreakers owning the streets of Montreal right now.

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