Street Style, Paris Fashion Week: 27 looks that make a case for wild prints and accessories

Photography by Peter Stigter

Fashion Week is clearly not a time to channel your inner wallflower—in fact, the flying of freak flags is emphatically encouraged, as evidenced by style tribes traipsing out in droves over the weekend and letting their weirdness hang out for all to see.

Bags were observed in such unusual entities as rotary phones, Game Boys, playing cards, and bronzed cat paws. The critter influence was also carried out via shaggy satchels and stoles, furry bag charms, and along the hairy heels of Gucci loafers (because why should luscious manes be confined to one’s head?). Other subversive items of note included biker gloves with their own set of manicured digits and fang-barring facemasks—you know, for those times when your biological appendages simply aren’t enough.

Showstoppers took on the forms of Insta celebs as well, with Lena Perminova turning heads in an epic metallic, ruffled Balmain number that would’ve made any ‘80s party girl swoon, and Lindsey Wixson getting in on the action with a crop top and sky-high pony. Editrixes were also out on the prowl, from Sarah Harris rocking her signature blue palette throughout the arrondissements to Anna Dello Russo giving her gams a momentary rest at a local café.

As if that all wasn’t crazy enough, the outrageous prints in rotation were definitely not for the faint of heart. We’re talking amoeba-like swirls, psychedelic blooms, dancing elephants, cartoon explosions, and miniature red headed men (you can’t just make this stuff up). Mix-and-matched or worn as a full ensemble, the resulting effect was one that loudly proclaimed showgoers adamant rejection of subtlety. Seeing as we’ve reached the culmination of this crazy month, we can’t say we really blame them—time to go big or go home!

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