Street style, New York Fashion Week: The 10 best looks from outside the Fall 2016 shows

street style new york fashion week best looks fall 2016
Photography by Peter Stigter

Picking our 10 favourite street style snaps at New York Fashion Week is kind of like picking one type of candy to OD on. It’s nearly impossible (and we’ll get cavities either way). By now, we’re well versed in head-to-toe designer, but what’s new outside the Fall 2016 shows is a sense of refinement. For the most part, OTT colour clash is on its way out, and streamlining à la Hanneli and Miroslava is in.

So with one down and three more fashion weeks to go, we round up the 10 best street style (and totally pin-worthy) looks of #NYFW. Your move, London.

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