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Of Course Stevie Nicks Has a Shawl Vault

"If I ever write my life story, maybe that should be the name of my book: There’s Enough Shawls to Go Around."

Next month, Stevie Nicks will officially become the first female artist to be inducted twice into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame, which I almost typed as Hawl of Fame because it’s hard to conjure a picture of the music icon without summoning a vision of her onstage in one of her dramatic shawls.

Over the years, we’ve seen her in shawls that are fringed, sequinned, crocheted, lacy. She’s amassed quite the collection, and in a recent interview with Rolling Stone she revealed that all those shawls are in excellent condition, stored carefully in a temperature-controlled vault. She also said that there are SO MANY shawls that she’s actually trying to give some of them away (where do we sign up?!).

Here’s her full response, when asked by Rolling Stone’s Rob Sheffield where she keeps all those legendary pieces:
“I have my shawl vault — they’re all in temperature-controlled storage. I have these huge red cases Fleetwood Mac bought, all the way back in 1975 — my clothes are saved in these cases. All my vintage stuff is protected for all my little goddaughters and nieces. I’m trying to give my shawls away — but there’s thousands of them. If I ever write my life story, maybe that should be the name of my book: There’s Enough Shawls to Go Around.”

For a look back at some of her greatest shawl hits—the Shawl Hall of Fame, if you will—head to this photo roundup in Vanity Fair, and as you click through, let yourself marinate in this other tidbit from the same interview about her iconic stage persona:

“I could never go onstage in street clothes because it’s not who I am. I could never go out there in a pair of jeans and a denim jacket. I mean, I don’t do casual very well. Even my normal life, I’m in cashmere pants and a cashmere sweater and cashmere thoughts.”

Cashmere thoughts. The next Stevie Nicks single perhaps?