SNP’s word of the day: Rookie

Illustration by Lewis Mirrett
Illustration by Lewis Mirrett

Word: Rookie

Meaning: In sports, it’s a player in his or her first year. In other fields, it’s any kind of novice, often a jejune one.

Usage: “My rookie year, I was very immature.” — Dennis Rodman, basketball player, fashion icon, and master of the understatement.

You should know it because: “Rookie” is the title of Tavi Gevinson‘s new teen-dreamy online magazine, and it’s the best back-to-school present we could imagine. Stories deal sweetly with ’50s beauty icons, freshman memories, and old band tees, making adult women everywhere wonder if they’re not secretly still 14.

Plus! There’s plenty of Canadian content. Wunderteen photographer Petra Collins shoots flippy kilts and hair-flipping girls. Other native-land contributors include Anna Fitzpatrick of Worn Journal, Hannah Johnson, also a beauty editor at Jane Pratt‘s, and the lovely Montreal-hailing illustrator Sonja Ahlers. Is it too early to declare this project Rookie of the Year?

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