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Canadian Artisan Product Sales Have Grown ‘Exponentially’ of Late, According to Simons

Canada is rallying behind its craftspeople during these uncertain times.

By week’s end, we will have hit the two-month mark of social distancing. Whilst it’s undoubtedly been a tough transition, and one that, despite the length of the situation, still doesn’t feel totally ‘normal’, there has been plenty of good that has come out of our new reality. We’ve reconnected with friends and family, learned the value and importance of separating work from home life and as consumers, have taken stock of what brands we want to support with our money moving forward. And according to Quebec retailer Simons, an increasing number of us have chosen to support Canadian artisans during this time.

Fabrique 1840 is the department store’s digital platform that highlights and supports artisans across the country. At present, it has 117 creators in its lineup. In a press release announcing the expansion of the program, the company noted that in the past 14 months, sales through Fabrique 1840 have topped one million dollars. What’s more is that in the past eight weeks since most of the country entered social distancing, Simons says that traffic and sales on the platform have experienced “exponential growth” – showing that Canadians are rallying behind small businesses and craftsmanship at a time when it is needed most.

“We are clearly seeing a renewed interest and desire from Canadian consumers to support and sustain local design and makers of hand-crafted goods,” Peter Simons, the company’s president, said in a release. “Fabrique 1840 is now a well-established, proven ecosystem that can help artists realize their digital potential.”

Given the success of the platform, and the tough times being faced by many artisans across Canada right now, Simons has decided to expand its Fabrique 1840 portfolio from 117 to 500 designers. “We want to offer our support to a wider group of Canadian artisans who might now, more than ever, need a new sales channel and marketing team to find success,” says Simons. Applications are now open, and those who are successful will be given access to Simons’ full suite of business development tools to help grow their label.

“As we look to the future and try to determine what our new normal might be, I am most excited about the role we can play to shine a light on the exceptional artisanal talents that exists in Canada. The creativity that is emerging as a result of this moment in time and how consumers appreciate it will help guide the evolution – or revolution – of our creative communities in Canada.”

If you’re interested in applying, email [email protected].

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