women's boxer shorts
Graphic by Danielle Campbell

Can You Wear Boxer Shorts to Work?

A blazer, cardigan and a chic pair of loafers can turn these undies into an HR-approved outfit in no time.

Lingerie dressing is back, but then again, you knew that. It’s been back for a few seasons — slip dresses, tights as pants, bras as tops, you get the idea. We have not, however, seen lingerie quite like women’s boxer shorts.

Consider the women’s boxer shorts trend a by-product of a few things: the pantless trend, the Miu Miu Spring 2024 show, the continued dominance of Y2K fashion and its peekaboo boxers, not to mention the rejection of the restrictive jean shorts. Women are prioritizing comfort this summer and honestly, it’s about damn time. We’re hot and sweaty enough as is — no one wants to contend with a tight waistband when there’s gelato to be eaten!

But can what’s trendy on TikTok translate to the real world? More specifically, an office? We decided to find out. Scroll below for our test drive of women’s boxer shorts.

Argeousgor Lounge Shorts

women's boxer shorts amazon
Photography by Lawrence Cortez

What do you wear when it’s 27ºC out and you’re surrounded by fashion folk? These Amazon boxers were my answer. I was on the set of a FASHION photoshoot all day (shoutout to photographer Lawrence Cortex for this photo!) and the venue didn’t have AC. (R.I.P. me). The sweat situation got out of hand pretty quickly (hence the slicked-back bun) so I was very grateful to be sporting these micro shorts.

Inspired by a few creators I saw on TikTok, I styled these gingham boxer shorts with a sleeveless black turtleneck and Kate Spade pearls. Was the fabric great? No. Were they cheap and cheerful? Absolutely. But all my tall girlies be warned: Amazon’s idea of high-waisted means the waistband didn’t even reach my belly button.

Pros: If you’re looking to try the trend before fully investing, these are the boxers for you. The colour and pattern are just asking to be worn to a picnic this summer!

Cons: The polyester fabric didn’t feel great against my skin. Also, if you’re above average height, expect these to fit more mid-rise than high-rise.

Advice: Size up!

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Sndys x Revolve Darian Stripe Short

women's boxer shorts
Photography by Annika Lautens

Have you ever had a boardroom full of people stare at you through a glass wall? I hadn’t, until I wore these striped boxers by Sndys x Revolve. I dared to wear these to the office but before I got to my fellow FASHION editors, I had to walk by our brother and sister publications, and suffice to say, they were perplexed.

Strange looks aside, I was into this Miu Miu-inspired ‘fit. Shoutout to my Aritzia blazer for pulling this look together. The silver accessories were also a huge bonus, along with blue socks and my ol’ faithful Sam Edelman loafers.

Pros: The fabric is so luxe. These felt super silky against my skin and the high waist was so flattering!

Cons: No notes.

Advice: Buy these before they sell out.

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Reformation Billy Short

women's boxer shorts
Photography by Annika Lautens

You know that nightmare where you dream you’ve arrived at school wearing your pyjamas? Wearing this matching Reformation set felt very similar, minus the horror/embarrassment. Continuing on my boxer journey, I met a work colleague for lunch in a pretty swanky part of town. The day started off chilly so my COS trench covered most of my ensemble, but when I peeled it off, the full PJ set was revealed and I definitely got some looks.

This was perhaps my most sleepover-coded outfit of the week, which made me slightly self-conscious at first, but pretty soon I was revelling in how comfy I felt throughout the meal and work later.

Pros: This high waist is what tall dreams are made of! Going far beyond my belly button, these women’s boxer shorts did not ride up or slip all afternoon. Also their cozy cotton made me forget I was wearing pants (in a good way).

Cons: Beware the wrinkles. When I stood up after lunch, the indents were pretty pronounced.

Advice: Leave these shorts on the hanger until right before you leave to avoid wrinkling.

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Anthropologie Boxer Shorts

Photography by Annika Lautens

This is my official apology to women’s boxer shorts: I truly had no idea how versatile you were! Inspired by the uber chic April Lockhart, I styled these Anthropologie PJ bottoms with a yellow cardigan from Uniqlo, H&M charm necklace, Sorel sandals and Amazon sunnies for my day off.

While I wasn’t going to brunch, it felt like a crime because this outfit was begging to be worn on a cute patio with some pancakes in front of me. Instead, I met up with my family, where my mom raised both eyebrows at my boxers. Nevertheless she loved the colour combo (“You look like an Easter egg — in a good way!”) and by the end of our visit, I believe she was slowly coming around to them.

Pros: The price! These are the best bang for your buck.

Cons: The wrinkle factor. Also, sweat marks show, so beware of extra hot locales.

Advice: Size down — these boxer shorts fit big.

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