Welcome to “Vanilla Girl” Winter

From cream cable-knit sweaters and beige fuzzy socks to ivory-hued loungewear, here's everything you need to start your #vanillagirl era.

Grab your cream-coloured cashmere, it’s officially #vanillagirl winter. All about soft, cozy looks, the vanilla girl wraps herself in lush neutrals, likes to cuddle up in her ivory silk pyjamas and takes vanilla santal-scented bubble baths. As an extension of the “clean girl” aesthetic and “sad beige” trend, the vanilla girl is all about channelling the scent, taste, colour and texture of vanilla. She’s like the little sister of the “coastal grandmother” — more ecru knits, fewer stripes and boat totes. On TikTok, the #vanillagirl hashtag has amassed over 330 million views, while Google searches for “vanilla girl” had increased by 78% at the end of 2022, according to clothing brand Pour Moi.

Remember: This TikTok-approved niche aesthetic can be recreated by anyone — all you need is a comfy cable-knit sweater, fuzzy accessories and a warm vanilla scent to spritz. (And maybe a stain removal pen because of all that light-coloured fabric.)

Ready to embrace the vanilla girl trend? Click through the gallery below for the ultimate #vanillagirl starter pack.

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