pyjama dressing
Photography via Sleeper

Make Pyjama Sets Your Entire Personality This Winter

Hard pants? We don't know her.

Hands up if you plan on not leaving the house from now until approximately March 6. If you like to glam up even during the darkest days of winter — and we love that for you! — may I direct your attention to glitter foundation and the indomitable maximalist Emily Cooper for inspo? My style and beauty forecast for the foreseeable future includes loungewear and skincare with a chance of lipgloss. If you’re Team Homebody like moi, the only logical uniform for all this hanging is pyjama dressing. And matching sets for staying in don’t have to be boring or sloppy — go for crisp cotton if you’re feeling preppy, slinky silk if you want to feel fancy or stretchy modal if you’re looking for the ultimate cozy cocoon.

From classic piped jammies to silk separates trimmed in feathers, we’ve got all your pyjama dressing needs covered below.

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