a roundup of editor gift picks
Design by Kayleen Dicuangco

All the New Products FASHION Editors Were Obsessed with This Year

Hint: They make excellent holiday gifts.

When you ask a fashion or beauty editor if there are any products they’re currently obsessed with, you better be ready to take notes. With inboxes inundated with news about all the latest launches, samples to drool over at photoshoots and products to test drive, you can trust these professionals to sift through the sea of knitwear, handbags and hair products, and report on only the best. (And hint, hint: these editor gift picks make exquisite presents to give and receive this holiday season). Here, FASHION’s intrepid team of shopping-loving editors share their very favourite new products (and experiences) of 2022, from designer purses and sculptural jewellery to the most special lipstick and unforgettable spa sojourns.

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