Saskatoon: Mineral makeup at a mall near you

Normally I would order my mineral makeup online and have it shipped from the States, but I have recently discovered The Body Shop’s (The Centre 3510 – 8th Street East, 306-477-5515, new Nature’s Mineral line (from $13).

I love the lightness of these powders—one of the joys of mineral makeup is that it doesn’t clog your pores and feels like you aren’t wearing makeup at all.  The line has a foundation, bronzer, blush and eye shadow—all formulated with Mediterranean clay that provides long lasting coverage (minimizing the need for touch-ups so you don’t have to drag a makeup bag around).  With summer in full swing, it is convenient that the powder foundation sports an SPF of 25 and because there are no extra perfumes and dyes added, the range is an excellent option for those with sensitive skin. I’m happy I no longer have to have my mineral makeup sent via FedEx—there are multiple Body Shop locations in Saskatoon, so I can practically walk over and get it.

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