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Photograph courtesy of Instagram/@ConquerCovid19ca

Ryan Reynolds is Asking All Canadians to Buy This “Boring” Shirt For a Very Good Reason

The Canadian actor has partnered with Conquer COVID-19 for an important cause.

Are you looking for a way to own an item also owned by Ryan Reynolds and help protect Canada’s frontline workers? Well, you my friends, are in luck. Reynolds has joined forces with grassroots organization, Conquer COVID-19, to promote a line of T-shirts – 100 per cent of the proceeds from each sale will go towards buying PPE equipment for Canada’s frontline workers. The aim, says the Deadpool star, is to “bring back boring as quickly as possible.”

Proving his natural ability to sell just about anything, in a video shared to his Instagram Reynolds says, “We’re asking every Canadian to purchase this T-shirt. And as you can see, it’s boring as f***. It’s a black shirt, with white type. Not even a serif font. It’s like we put absolutely no thought into it at all. Plus, it comes in up to one colour.”

Reynolds also adds that while the shirt is unremarkable visually, it does possess a hidden power. “This shirt is so unremarkable that it renders its wearer completely invisible,” he says, before sharing that he’s been quarantining with his mother-in-law and that she hasn’t been able to find him in days.

According to its website, Conquer COVID-19 is “comprised of physicians, business leaders, entrepreneurs and other volunteers who are working together to ensure frontline workers responsible for the health and wellbeing of Canadians have access to masks, gloves and other supplies that are essential in treating patients and minimizing the spread of the virus.” As Reynolds notes in his video, “The faster we get those guys protected the faster we get back to boring.”

See the hilarious sales pitch here:

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