Photo by James Mason Photography/Shutterstock

Swarovski is Now Queen Elizabeth II-Approved

The brand is among 816 other companies who have received a Royal Warrant.

Pip pip, cheerio! Her Majesty, Queen Elizabeth II, has just bestowed a rare honour onto the UK arm of Swarovski: a Royal Warrant.

Royal warrants are essentially official endorsements from the Queen of England, awarded to companies who have regularly supplied goods or services to the royal family. Swarovski now joins the 816 other companies, including Burberry and Hunter, who have also been recognized for their outstanding services.


Nadja Swarovski, a member of the Swarovski executive board, told WWD, “this is a significant honour, which acknowledges the quality and craftsmanship of our product and reflects our ongoing provision of crystals to the British monarchy.” This is a huge milestone for the Austrian jewelry brand that was established in 1895 by founder Daniel Swarovski.

The royal family obvious has access to some of the most magnificent jewels in all existence, but here’s hoping we catch Meghan Markle donning a Swarovski-designed tiara before the year is through.


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