Photography provided by The Rosé Picnic

This Picnic Proved Rosé All Day Can Be More Than Just a Slogan

Sure, there were grassy banks and pink blankets, but last weekends’ festivities could hardly be compared to any regular old picnic. Add a hint of Coachella and a splash of Ibiza and you’ve landed at one of the coolest parties of the summer–and definitely the pinkest.

Back for its second year, The Rosé Picnic returned to Toronto with a bang as 3,500 people made their way down to the newly restored Hotel X. The event, which lasted from 12:00pm to 11:00pm, really proved that “Rosé All Day” can definitely be more than just a slogan. From Moét & Chandon to Jacob’s Creek, there were a large collection of wines and custom cocktails. Attendees queued up to make flower crowns in the sunshine before snapping pics in front of The Wine Shop’s flower wall or Lancôme’s flower swing.

Add in some dishes by Chef Mark McEwan and a killer DJ, and this Rosé festival was definitely my most memorable picnic. But the best part? Each individual ticket bought a meal for a Canadian child through Feeding Canadian Kids.

Check out our gallery below to see more pictures of the event and outfits in every shade of pink. Cheers!

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