Introducing #RockTheCrop, the latest body positivity movement inspiring us on Instagram

rock the crop
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If you’re still taking your style advice from O Magazine, you might want to reconsider your life choices. Over the weekend, Brooklyn-based writer Tamar Anitai noticed an anecdote in a feature discussing how women can feel healthy, advising that wearing a crop top should only be attempted “if (and only if!) you have a flat stomach.” Of course, plus size fashion bloggers and women everywhere were astonished that a magazine (and one with such a positive role model as Oprah at its helm, no less) would take such an exclusive view on a trend that has been huge for the past three summers. We all know that not only are crop tops cute, but they’re also super comfortable and flattering for many. So why shouldn’t everyone be able to wear them? After the picture that Tamar shared went viral, some of our fave style bloggers stepped in to show us how every, and any body can look great in a crop top. Even our resident plus size fashion expert, Mo Handahu took to Instagram to say, “crop tops are for EVERY body. Love handles and across-the-belly stretch marks need to breathe and be sun-kissed too!” So to celebrate the amazing social display of diversity and crop tops (two of our favourite things) we’ve compiled a list of the best looks featured with the hashtag, #RockTheCrop.

Browse the gallery below to see proof that everybody can rock a crop top.