9 times the ripped jeans trend actually seemed completely wearable

One of the best things about winter (yes, there’s a silver lining to freezing temps and fly-away hair) is the hall pass on leg shaving. Ladies, can I get a hell yeah? When the mercury plummets, it signals the changing of the guard: Bare legs punch out, covered stems punch in. But lately, with all the distressed denim that’s been tearing up (excuse the pun) the streets, it seems like the jig is up. Ripped jeans—cut at the knees or completely shredded from hip to ankle bone—are popping up on everyone, from Hollywood hotties like Rosie Huntington-Whiteley and Rihanna to the checkout girl at your local grocery store.

Who’s to blame for kickstarting this carved-up (à la Freddy Krueger) denim trend? I’m not exactly sure, but the Kardashian Jenners aren’t helping matters with their pothole-sized rips showcasing perfectly hairless legs. Just when us real girls thought we could put down our Schicks and coast until spring, getting by on opaque tights and full coverage trousers, here we are stuck in a very holey place. I’m still praying for the return of pristine dark wash jeans—you know, the non-massacred ones that don’t make you look like an extra in an ’80s Whitesnake video? But until then, I’m putting my own elegant First Lady twist on this trend. I call it the Jackie Whoa—pearls paired with distressed J.Crew denim. How will you shake up your shreds? Check out these famous faces for a little ripped jean inspo.

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