17 rings to buy for yourself (because sisters are doing it for themselves!)

buy yourself a ring

The mantra at this time of year is it’s better to give than to receive. No argument, that’s totally true. But when you’ve worked hard all year, it’s not a far stretch to want to sneak something special onto your list and splurge on yourself too. After all, you’ve earned it.

A statement-making ring is a good place to spend. Unlike a necklace that you can’t see unless you’re looking in the mirror, you can stare all day long at your new purchase whether it’s an oversize cluster of pearls, a gleaming coloured stone or a crystal-covered knuckle duster. And just because you want to buy a ring (potentially strewn with diamonds) doesn’t mean that you need to wait for someone else to treat you or that it has to go on that finger. Gone are the days of dedicated digit real estate, so wear it on that finger, or any finger!

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