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Reformation Launches Recycled Denim and Cashmere

Here. For. This.

Since its launch, Reformation has been doing things differently. Whilst it delivers timelessly cool dresses (and more), it does so with a focus on protecting and sustaining the environment. And its latest launches are no different, with the brand serving up a whole new range of denim and cashmere that won’t hurt the world, or your wallet.

First up, Ref Jeans. The brand launched its denim offering in 2017, and was one of the first brands to offer a full collection made from sustainable fabrics. Denim is notorious for being the worst fashion product in terms of environmental impact, thanks to the water usage, dyes and toxic chemicals used in its production. To continue to tackle that issue, Reformation has launched a new, extended denim offering made using “newly developed fibres including organic, regenerative and recycled fibres like organically grown cotton, recycled elastine, Tencel Lyocell and Refibra Lyocell,” according to a release. The collection (fronted by supermodel Lara Stone) also features a new lineup of vintage-inspired styles designed to fit and flatter the body including jeans, jackets and dresses. The collection launched yesterday with nine products, with more to follow throughout the season.

To help make sustainable denim production mainstream, Reformation has also worked with mills to create their own sustainable fabrics which can then be made available to other brands.

Secondly, the brand has announced the launch of a new line of sustainable cashmere. This new line, the brand says, was born out of the “global demand for cashmere [which] has led to goats overgrazing in Mongolia.” The new styles still deliver the coziness of traditional cashmere, but are made using 70% recycled cashmere, 25% conventional cashmere and 5% responsible wool yarn from Italy. Most importantly, recycled cashmere has, on average, 80% less of an impact on the environment, according to the brand. The collection is available in store and online from today.

Sounds like a win, win to us.

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