Q&A: Clayton Evans of Complexgeometries

Clayton Evans is busy, busy, busy and his Complexgeometries line (available at Reborn, complexgeometries.com) is getting so much attention and praise. I had the Alberta-born, Montreal-based designer, who recently showed his Fall 2009 collection, “…between good and evil,” answer some questions, loosely inspired by the designs. But first, the completely self-taught scissor master would probably appreciate if I told you a bit about the concept behind his latest creations. Evans describes his inspiration as “the grey zone existing between right and wrong.” The palette is mostly black, white and grey and the designs are made without an obvious front or back, allowing you to wear them however you like. Even better, Evans suggests that his large collars and capes “can be used to create modesty or conceal shame.” Since when do designers think about our obsessing over little flaws when creating a piece of clothing? So here’s Evans’ world in five little questions–my own condensed Proust questionnaire!

Your pieces are so structural. Do you have a favorite architect?

“Fuller” [as in Buckminster, the creator of the Montreal Biosphère for Expo ’67]

Your line is free of easy timeline references. Do you have a favorite era for fashion?


What’s your favourite music for getting inspired?


Your colour palette is monochromatic. Do you wear bright neon pink, yellow and electric blue to clash?

“My wardrobe is black, white, grey and purple. Just like the collections.”

Do you have a motto?

“The journey is more important than the destination.”

Yeah, it’s true, but luckily for Evans, the destination seems to become brighter and brighter for complexgeometries.

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