Photography via Ron Burton/Keystone/Getty

Princess Margaret’s Most Stylish Royal Moments

Lately the fashion world has, ahem, “crowned” a highly unexpected it girl: the late Princess Margaret. Though she technically died in 2002, the public’s fascination for Princess Margaret has been reignited thanks to the highly-anticipated next season of Netflix’s The Crown, as well as a two-part BBC documentary examining the Princess’ private life, as well as a hilarious story chronicling the Royal’s indulgent mid-day vodka pick-me-up routine.

In the ’50s and 60’s, Queen Elizabeth II’s bad girl sister was a real fashion icon. From wearing Christian Dior’s latest creations to adopting the freshest trends, Princess Margaret paved the way for our contemporary obsession with royal style, inspiring midcentury women in the same way Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle do now. The Countess of Snowdon’s glam fashion sense even earned its own nickname: “The Margaret look.” If that’s not ‘it’ girl status, I don’t know what is. As we patiently wait for the documentary and for The Crown’s third season, we’ve gathered our favourite Margaret looks.

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