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7 Tech Tips to Help You Survive Pride Month

Let’s be honest: Pride Month can be stressful, from navigating new parts of the city to losing your friends in the parade to making sure your phone has enough space to store the many photos you’ve taken all day. As much fun as it is with theevents going on in the city, hanging out in large crowds can be overwhelming for even veteran attendees. To make sure you have a memorable experience this Pride Month, we put together a guide on how to use Apple iOS features that’ll help you stay sane during this party-filled time of year.

Free up your storage space.

There’s nothing more annoying than trying to capture an Insta-worthy moment only to discover you have no more storage left. Before you heading out, go into the phone’s Settings, tap General and tap Storage & iCloud. Here you can see a breakdown of exactly what’s taking up the most space in your phone (photos probably). You can a) free it up or b) upgrade your iCloud storage plan.

Maps is your best friend.

Aside from helping you navigate the city, this in-phone app also boasts a real-time transit schedule so you can dodge high-traffic routes and get to those Pride events on time and stress-free.

Save battery.

Who hasn’t felt the pressure of strategically employing only a couple of apps when the battery life dwindles down to 20%? With our phones by our sides all day, the battery life can get sucked up fast. Enter: low battery mode. By switching this setting on, the phone instantly knows to turn off all push notifications and other battery-sucking apps so your phone can last you through the night.

Or better yet, get a portable battery.

If the above tip isn’t enough, acquire more juice by purchasing the iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case. This sleek external battery will help you keep your phone charged and ready.
iPhone 7 Smart Battery Case ($129,

Ditch the wallet.

Haven’t jumped on the Apple Pay bandwagon? You are truly missing out. Rather than bringing a wallet and risk having cash and cards stolen, the iPhone wallet keeps all of your cards into one place. Apple Pay also allows you to make secure purchases with just a tap. Easy-peasy.

Never get lost, again.

If you are that one friend that always gets separated from your crew in large crowds, do not panic. Thanks to iPhone’s Find My Friends app, you can basically track each other all day, every day. Simply ensure you and your pals have iCloud set up (you can either choose from your contacts or enter your friends’ email addresses) and share each other’s locations. Meeting up with friends at the parade just got a whole lot less stressful.

Wear your pride on your sleeve.

Or in this case on your wrist. Give your smartwatch the much-needed rainbow treatment with Apple’s limited-edition woven nylon band. The best part? You can rock it all year round because it will never go out of style.
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