Photography via Instagram/@Batsheva

Write Yourself Into History With These Little House on the Prairie-inspired Dresses

As you may have noticed through multiple Instagram posts (such as this one or this one) showcasing Victorian-inspired light-weight dresses worn in romantic sunlit meadows, the Little House On the Prairie sartorial atmosphere is making a strong comeback. 

Infused with an indescribable nostalgia – indescribable because nobody alive today actually experienced the Western 1880s prairie lifestyle – the American prairie aesthetic references what would now be considered ‘simpler times’ while flaunting anything-but-simple designs. Indeed, the layers of ruffles, voluminous sleeves and romantic lace conjure an extreme vision of domestic femininity, but are the diametric opposite of the minimalist aesthetic that has dominates seasons past.  Zimmermann, Rodarte, Brock Collection, Luisa Beccaria and newcomer fashion favourite Batsheva all embraced the aesthetic in their latest collections, disassociating it from peasantry and archaic ideals of womanhood. With their soft floral prints, chantilly lace, broderie anglaise and sheer panels, these dresses allow for whimsical yet comfortable outfits. Paired with a straw hat, these dresses will allow you channel your inner prairie girl…even if you’ve never set foot on an actual prairie.













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