Photography via @gwynethpaltrow

How to Wear the Pinky Ring Trend that Gwyneth Paltrow Loves

Long before Gwyneth Paltrow consciously uncoupled with former husband Chris Martin, she was rocking the red carpet with a stunning plus-one: a ruby pinky ring.

Nestled beside her diamond wedding rings (R.I.P.), it was a breathtaking trio to behold. And despite the serious display of bling, it didn’t look “Kardashian” at all (bless GP). Post split, Paltrow’s love of pinky rings has continued to soar. Though we haven’t spied that coloured gem on her finger for a while, we’ve clocked several gold versions on rotation, ranging from classic signets to modern multi-bands.

Throughout history, signet rings have been used as symbols of family heritage. Worn on the pinky finger, this traditional men’s accessory has morphed into the womenswear world, thanks to designers like Ralph Lauren who has stamped his signature lady-meets-lad look on everything from clothing to jewellery. These days, pinky fingers have never gotten more play. Besides A-listers like Paltrow, pop stars (Rihanna) and royals (and sisters of royals—hello Pippa Middleton!) have all been spotted with tricked-out pinkies. From graphic to diamond dusted, these petite rings are the must-have of the moment. Click on the gallery below for six cool pinky rings you should wear now.

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