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Look the Part, Don’t Go Broke: A Shopping Guide to Get you Through Holiday Party Season

December is the most indulgent time of the year.  Suddenly it’s more socially acceptable to gorge on rich foods, imbibe a little more than usual at the holiday party gauntlet and spend your salary on OTT gifts for your loved ones (and let’s be real, yourself). By mid-month, we’ve basically resigned ourselves to the fact that our bank accounts are spread thinner than a layer of pâté on a canapé tray by the time New Year’s Day rolls around.

This time of year calls for spending money on clothes that will most likely be worn once; unless you miss the Instagram photo op, in which case, you might be let off the hook as an outfit repeater. But for the most part,  holiday cocktail dresses tend to have an even shorter life than our December budgets.

So, whether you’re shopping for a simple LBD, a sequin mini, or a classy wrap dress, we’ve created this foolproof guide to giving your party looks a second wind, (plus 15 affordable dresses under $150) so that you can attend your holiday parties in style, and spend your January out of the weeds.

1. Timeless Simplicity

Opt for a classic slip dress or LBD, so that you can re-wear the look with ease. Repurpose it by wearing it over a teeshirt or light sweater, and pair it with sneakers, for a chic yet laid back look.

2. Layer up

Recycle your wrap dresses by wearing them open over a pair of jeans and a basic turtleneck. The long and flowy layer will add dimension to an otherwise plain outfit.

3. Dress it Down

If you’re shopping for sparkly or velvet, re-style a glamorous dress with an edgy leather jacket, black tights and flat boots, so that glitzy looks can venture past your holiday extravaganzas.

4. Tucked in

Look for shirt style dresses that you can dress-up for the festivities with accessories and heels, so that when January comes around, tucking them into jeans can be an option.

5. Back to Work

Return to reality post-holidays, by making your party dresses office appropriate. Style one of your mid length dresses with a blazer and a pair of knee high boots, for a business-chic spin on your champagne  party go-to dress.



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