Paris Fashion Week: The latest in fur trends for Fall 2013

Louis Vuitton Fall 2013
Photography by Peter Stigter
Louis Vuitton Fall 2013
Photography by Peter Stigter

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Fur was everywhere at Paris Fashion Week for Fall 2013. The French translation, la fourrure, features a purring intervocalic R; it’s almost a meow. At one show, four editors in a row, each wearing a mammoth animal coat, resulted in an awkwardly comical seating arrangement. We also noticed that fur didn’t just mean coats; we saw it as pocket detailing, handbags, collars and evening gown trim. And the good news, if you’ve made that hair-raising investment, is that fur will be back in full swing for Fall 2013 and into winter.

Here are our fabulous fur picks:

Hermès included fur in a most inconspicuously luxurious way, a triple-panelled knee-length overcoat in shades of almond, café au lait and milk chocolate.

Louis Vuitton paired classic Madame minks over pyjama and lingerie silks, but it was the furry handbags that had us at hello.

Shiatzy Chen, who reinvented the Suzy Wong dress into something new and chic (no small feat), did fur in bold red with black swatches that made for a sensual texture.

Miu Miu covered-up her slinky knit dresses with gold-buttoned hourglass coats; one apart from the rest was cut from mink with a glorious full-skirted bottom.

Balenciaga’s fresh new face Alexander Wang continued his thematic marble print onto a hip- and waist-length bomber, in eloquent ebony or ivory options.

Lanvin offered fur stoles (perhaps an alternative if you don’t want to go full-on coat). The stunner, however, were the two-toned jackets in red or yellow with silver-haired shoulders.

Viktor & Rolf did a dramatically textured white base with interspersed black fur, a fantastic complement to the collection – if you can bear to cover-up those massive bows.

Moncler went all-out, all the way to the Arctic, with their coats this year. One part dog musher, two parts Inuit chic, the collection also featured the cosiest, armless cocoon coat. Probably not a good idea when hailing a taxi.

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