Paris: Andrew Gn, Emanuel Ungaro, Dries Van Noten and Givenchy Fall 2009

DRIES VAN NOTEN Fall 2009. Photography by Peter Stigter
DRIES VAN NOTEN Fall 2009. Photography by Peter Stigter

At Andrew Gn (cool daywear in black, tweed, copper and white made edgy with leather and snake trims and massive earrings, and uber-glam eveningwear like miles of belted column dresses) I bump into Nicholas Mellamphy who recently had to shutter his cool Yorkville boutique Hazel. Guess what? Now he’s working for the Bay as part of their new fashion-forward strategy. Look out, Holts!


EMANUEL UNGARO Fall 2009. Photography by Peter Stigter

At Emanuel Ungaro, the pumping music that started the show (unlike a lot of the tinkly classical I’ve been hearing) should have been the first clue that Esteban Cortazar was planning on presenting collection full of nightclub friendly looks. Of course you can’t really dance in sky-high heels wearing a super tight/ruffled/polka-dotted/colour blocked or corseted micro mini, but hey, you’re really there to pose anyways. And guess what—there was a cropped black leather jacket! (I think I know what’s going to be big at Zara this fall…)


Pop by Café Ruc for lunch. It’s packed to the gills with the fashion set, but all of Paris seems to be the fashion set. Spotted: old ladies in cafés with charming off-kilter chapeaus and bright yellow tights. More than one of them! After only three days my style is already morphing into lunatic European Fashion Person zone. Wondering how to break it to boyfriend that my new look is bun on the side of my head. Hmmm…

Off to Dries Van Noten for a quietly beautiful collection full of sophisticated slightly off colours-the lightest of browns, muddy oranges, mustards, mauves, light pinks and abstract grey prints, new shilouettes–pleated pants that tighten at the ankle or cropped flares are both emerging as trends—and plenty of coats. Oh yes. And a cropped leather jacket.

I end the day with sexy Givenchy, which is held in the Carreau du Temple—a beautiful pavilion that was a market in the 19th century. Had one of those weird kismet moments while on the way listening to Fashion Rules! By Chicks on Speed on my nano. The lyrics: Off with their heads is what we say/Marie-Antoinette, it’s the only way—came into my earphones as I was stalking through the area she was imprisoned. Super Freak.

This season Paris is into: Dresses and tops with one arm.

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