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The Most Fabulous Influencers Over 50 You Should Be Following Right Now

Aging can be a scary – and inevitable – life process for many women, especially considering how the fast-paced fashion industry greatly glamourizes youth, casting smooth-skinned models and often disregarding their older customers. But one’s sense of style doesn’t disappear with age. Quite the opposite, in fact, like fine wine it only improves with time. Ari Seth Cohen’s Advanced Style project – which includes two books, a blog and a documentary – has been photographing elderly ladies with unique styles since 2008, paving the way for a whole new cohort of influencers that prove fashion is ageless. Here are 10 over 50 fashion influencers that make us want to say ‘Bring it on!’ to aging.

Lyn Slater – Accidental Icon

The university professor launched her blog in 2014 and became an, ahem, “accidental icon” few years ago when New York Fashion Week photographers mistook her – wearing a Yohji Yamamoto suit and Chanel bag – for a fashion icon as she was waiting to meet a friend for lunch.

Arlinda McIntosh – Funking after 50

Founder and creative director of The Sofistafunk, a label of slow fashioned zero-waste skirts, McIntosh uses her Instagram to share how she styles her creations.

Grece Ghanem – Grece Ghanem

The Montreal-based personal trainer recently started sharing her sartorial choices on Instagram, encouraged and photographed by her 22-year -old daughter.


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Yvonne Raeside – Botticelli in Black

The business and personal development coach Yvonne Raeside is the most recent newcomer to the cohort of elderly influencers and wants to challenge assumptions about beauty and age through her blog Botticelli in Black.

Judith Boyd – Style Crone

A retired psychiatric nurse, Judith always added a hat to her work outfits as a way to express her creativity. Now she shares her looks – which she considers her own form of art – on her blog and Instagram .

Sarah Jane Adams – Saramai Jewels

The jewelry designer embraces her wrinkles through her hashtag #mywrinklesaremystripes.

Magda Llohis de Gutierrez  – Magda Life

The Spanish artist and jewelry designer uses Instagram to share her quirky and unique fashion sense.

Colleen Heidemann  – Colleen Heidemann

The Californian consignment store owner was discovered by Ari Seth Cohen in 2011…and has been a style icon, and key personality of the Advanced Style project, since then.

Tziporah Salamon  – Tziporah Salamon

The late photographer Bill Cunningham’s muse, Tziporah is a model, an actress and a fashion consultant, who shares her quirky outfits on her Instagram.

Suzie Grant – Alternative Ageing

The English Nutritionist uses her blog, Alternative Ageing, to share health and beauty tips, but also her outfits.