Online Store of the Week: Shop Thieves Boutique’s organichic selection (with our discount!) and feel really good about yourself

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The low down: The one good thing about Toronto organichic boutique Thieves having closed its storefront earlier this year, is that now it’s even more eco-positive. No lights, no space, just a cleanly easy e-shop where you can buy your Earth Day outfit, should you desire such a thing (and if you pay $12 for express shipping, it may even arrive in time).

The price range: $120–$520

The goods: Designed by Sonja den Elzen, each Thieves garment is made from 100 per cent of whatever certified-sustainable, chemical-free fabric she chooses: bamboo, wild silk, organic cotton. You won’t find trends or “statement pieces,” but you will get whispers of earthy confidence in muted hues. There’s lots of light asymmetrical draping on the women’s dresses (you flatter, Sonja), and on the men’s side, loose tanks and linen-like shirts and trousers. I’ve never bought anything here, my own style being a little too contemporary grunge, but now I really (actually) want a crochet sweater. It’s not your Aunt Pearl’s crochet; it’s also not a price ($420) of which she’d likely approve. Guess our children’s future doesn’t come cheap.

The shipping: Free! That is, to U.S. and Canada by air and ground, respectively. You can opt for express, which arrives in 1–3 business days (as noted above) and costs more. Pay by credit card, Paypal, and even money order if you ask real nice.

The deal: Shop at Thieves’ online store until June 30, 2012 using the code FASHION at checkout, and receive 15% off!

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