Online Store of the Week: London-based LN-CC brings everlasting cool to this side of the pond with the best selection ever and ahem, free shipping

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The shop: I’ve written about London, UK’s LN-CC before, and I’ll write about them again, because there’s hardly a store like it. Set deep in Dalston in a cubist lair-like space, all raw wood and amber lighting and the smell of incense and cloth, it feels like a more organic future. And because they launched online concurrently, their e-shop is just as far out in front of the pack: their seasonal editorial shoots are so exquisitely on-point, they’ve landed on If you’re not on the store’s mailing list, sign up now—you get as much sartorial inspiration as temptation, promise.

The goods: LN-CC, which does nearly three quarters of its business online, sells the best new London designers (J.W. Anderson before you knew who J.W. Anderson was), the most adventurous European labels (Givenchy, Ann Demeulemeester, Commes) and a host of international finds (like high-tech knitwear by Philadelphia’s Lauren Manoogian, or earrings by Canada’s own Jaime Sin). It’s easy to shop for two, too: the men’s section is (a rarity) as good as the women’s, with owner-buyer John Skelton hewing close to his own eclectic—but functional—taste. Just don’t fall for a $400 leather boot strap, because that’s why the Eurozone is collapsing.

None of this so-called curation comes cheap, as you can see, so I suggest keeping a clear head (when are you going to wear a dress that, judging from its price, is made entirely from Edie Sedgwick’s lost sequins and a unicorn’s hair?) and one tab open to their sale page. I am waiting, waiting, waiting for my recurring dream shoes, the derby wood platforms by shoechitect ETS Callatay, to land there. If only there were a god…

The one thing about LN-CC stocking a variety of fledgling designers, along with more established labels, is that there can be significant vagaries in size. That’s why you have to, I mean it, read the fine print. They’ve done all the measuring for you. Don’t be a fool.

The shipping: I ordered from LN-CC when I lived in Toronto, and the box—a cloud matte grey, festooned with a bonafide Argentinian friendship bracelet—arrived six days later, including a weekend. Shipping is free (!!!) on all regular-priced men’s and women’s clothing, no matter where you are, and on all orders over £500. Otherwise, it’s £22, which works out to $35 CAD right now.

The bonus: LN-CC is currently featuring the contest to conquer all contests. Visit the site and enter to win a flight to London, a three night stay at a London hotel plus £15,000 to spend at the store. You also win seven kisses if you bring me back this Yohji Yamamato book.