Online Store of the Week: If you haven’t heard of the Montreal-based Etsy shop Norwegian Wood, you’re in for a Canadian-made treat (and free shipping!)

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The lowdown: With fans like Susie Bubble and WORN Journal‘s Serah-Marie McMahon, the Montreal designer Angie Johnson has fashion’s intelligentsia on lock. The success of her Etsy shop, Norwegian Wood, has garnered sweet deals with Topshop Edit and—soon to hit stores—Anthropologie. But I’d rather get it direct from the source, if only for the personalized notes she slips in each brown-paper package.

The price range: $26-$151

The goods: Johnson was inspired by the “playful optimism” of Montreal in the ‘60s, when its metro system was built to accommodate the world. Tiling plays a major part in this season’s hyper-layerable separates, as do ‘90s daisy motifs (helloooooo, Drew) and lightly psychedelic patterns. Bu—and here’s a thing I like about Angie—it’s not all about whatever’s reblogged on Tumblr. She has her own signatures, from elastic harnesses ($45-$49) to rad warrior-girl jewellery ($35-$150), and does them perennially and well.

The shipping: Johnson can be slow with emails (listen, she’s in Montreal, she’s probably busy watching an absinthe-fuelled unicorn race in a secret alleyway) but when she does reply, she’s kind and thorough. If ordering in Canada, allow up to a week for delivery. The shop can’t take custom orders anymore, but many pieces are still made on demand; it’s better for overhead costs and the environment that way. Majorest caveat: there are no returns, so make sure to fall in love BEFORE you buy. It’s not hard.

The deal: Shop Norwegian Wood’s Etsy shop until May 4, 2012 and get free shipping with the code CanadaShipping!

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